Philips (Black Tulip) N5748 HIFI Cassette Deck

De compact cassette was een schitterende uitvinding van Philips en werd een wereldwijd succes. Ook bandrecorders blijken een tijdloos populair medium.Kun jij ook geen genoeg krijgen van die sfeervol draaiende spoelen? Deel hier je magnetische passie!

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15 mei 2019, 16:03

There is a little Interference Noise from the volume control on this unit; only when it is being turned around, and in a certain position this happens, I have tried once giving it a good spray of Kontakt Chemie: Kontakt 60 and a few days later a good spray of Kontakt WL and turning the knob after each spray to move the spray around inside. ... sp=sharing

I have uploaded a two old photos showing the rear of this control although one of them is the balance control; there is access for spraying on the side and maybe from the centre of the end and info on Kontakt Chemie.

Can you kindly advice on this; I don’t want to do anything more without further sound advice because it could also destroy the potentiometer depending on the materials in the potentiometer :think:
Volume Control.jpg
Balance Control.jpg
Kind Regards Michael
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15 mei 2019, 18:00

Ultrasonic cleaning in IPA drying and using contact grease or Brunox will be the final solution for this potentiometer problem.
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