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Hier kun je terecht met alle vragen, opmerkingen en suggesties wat betreft losse Philips units. Een interessant project gebouwd of op zoek naar specs? Meldt U hier!

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09 mei 2019, 23:59

And yes, found the schematics of the one I build on a backup of my old computer. Didn't transfer it.
Power_block 17V%2C6.2V.png
DAT850 (en z'n JVC halfbroer). 4x RH541,2 xRH544/00R,2xRH544/78R,2xAH586 en 2xAH587.
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10 mei 2019, 11:01

Hi Albert,

Thank you so much for this. You were a really great hep. I really appreciate that.

I will now start and build this from scratch :) and let you know how it goes.

Are you still using these Philips? What is you general opinion about it?

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10 mei 2019, 12:38

Despite the lack of data on the original transformer and the small switched mode coil (or what it is anyway) it should be entirely possible to reverse engineer and recreate the original.
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19 mei 2019, 15:53

Hey Guys...Albert...

Do you know by any chance the mini din8 pinout config?

I read that what cable goes where but I don't really wish dismantling the unit if it is not necessary..

So looking at the email serial mini din 8 and checked with my DMM too...the only ground point is the shield of the mini din 8 ....only 4 pins out of the mini din 8 are connected ( assuning nothing is the ground, as my DMM did not react) and the rest is empty...

Pin 8, Pin5, Pin 2 and Pin 3.... the rest is empty...

Is this unit has a "virtual" ground like a dbx or something?
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