CD-73 issues

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I am repairing a Marantz CD-73 and after re-capping, checking/fixing PSU and dry joints I am left with the following issue:-

When power is applied the CD player enters one of three "modes". Once in a given "mode" only a power cycle can possible change the mode i.e. once in working mode the CD can be opened and the CD changed and the player will continue to work. The modes are as follows: -

1) Working - works as it should, FF track change etc etc (25% of the time)

2) Standby light on but all buttons unresponsive and all track LEDs out. Cycling the disk (in/out) has no effect. (25% of the time)

3) Standby light on and all track LEDs on, when play pressed disk turns and it sounds as if the radial arm is slowly tracking across the disk looking for TOC. Cycling the disk (in/out) has no effect, pressing play again it does exactly the same. (50% of the time)

I analyse this as some kind of power on initialization error, i.e. the CPU does not always reset properly.

I have the CD200 service manual but it is in Nederlands Taal but I see on the forum that other appear to have the English version of the service manual fault finding guide. Can anybody please share the English version of the service manual? Have any of you seen such an error before? Is the CD200 the best guide for fault finding the CD-73?

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Solved - broken track on uP clock - surprised it worked at all!
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