Dcc951 recording problem: creating tracks nrs automatically

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01 aug 2019, 10:22

Hi, I'm new to DCC, and I own a Dcc 951 and a Dcc900. I have come across some issues recording new cassettes from computer sources.

I have connected the Pc to Dcc951 through an optical cable, selected the optical input. Yes, I can get a signal on Dcc and record what I'm listening to.

The Problem: It is about creating tracks nrs automatically. In Dcc AUTO EDIT is ON.

Using WMPlayer while recording DCC was not creating new tracks automatically. I also try with Winanp with a 'pause between songs' plugin, with 3's pause between songs and still without success creating new tracks nrs automatically. Recording is continuous.

I also tested with the dcc 900 and the same thing happens.

Can anyone help me solve this newbie problem. Thank you
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06 aug 2019, 18:59

According to the manual it should work.
But I recall that I had problems as well, it creates just track 1.
I'm not sure if the optical cable S/PDIF standard supports track numbers/markers in the datastream.
For that reason I purchased an 900 series CD player and connected it through the ESI bus, in that way tracks ARE automatically created. So I use that now.
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07 aug 2019, 13:26

I've manage to find out that this It's not possible.
The computer is not able to provide the StartIDs.
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