22RH544 replacement power cable

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06 aug 2017, 07:26

Hello - I see in the webshop here that you sell a replacement power cable for the 22rh544 boxes. The picture, though, shows a female plug that would not fit - the AC In on mine is shaped like a W on both sides, and there is one vertical post and one horizontal post. Is the picture incorrect, or is there a different cable needed for me?

Here you can zoom in and see the shape of my AC In...
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06 aug 2017, 07:28

I wonder if perhaps the one in the webshop is small enough to fit inside and doesn't utilize the space with the odd shape. But, the vertical and horizontal contacts are very strange. I'm not sure I will be able to find a power cord for these.
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07 aug 2017, 14:51

Hello Jopitz,

This power cable was used by Philips only and does not meet any international standard. Therefore it is very hard to find. I am not sure but I think that with little modification you could replace the unusual "Morph" connector with a three-pin IEC C14 connector. This way you will be able to use the commonly available power leads instead. The middle connector (ground/earth) is not used when you place the C14 connector in your MFB box.

Thomas Baur
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07 aug 2017, 17:18

@ Thomas: in the EU this is not allowed. You must connect earth in both appliance and wallsocket when you use a 3-pole connector. Better use a 2-pole euroconnector or the same type you showed but with 2 poles instead. I should know this because I am an electrician. :shhh:
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07 aug 2017, 19:21

Lose the middle pin 8)

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07 aug 2017, 20:09

I would opt for the 'figure 8' connector, as that seems more common to me, at least in Europe.
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08 aug 2017, 06:20

Thanks everyone. It seems the best is to replace with a C8 input. Easy enough to swap out. I find it interesting that this mold is so different from other 22rh544 boxes
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16 aug 2017, 09:17

That's because you own a 117V-60Hz model. Most 544's are 220V-50Hz. 8)
Het begon met een oud setje 544's....
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